About Proyash

Proyash is an initiative by the people of Tripura origin and their well-wishers to fulfill the educational aspirations of the meritorious but economically backward students of primarily Tripura and Karnataka. 

Our country has loads of brilliant students, but due to lack of guidance and financial support they are not able to fulfil their aspirations. In order to support and mentor these students, an initiative was undertaken by like-minded people, conscious of the circumstances of meritorious students with humble financial background that thwart their aspiration to continue higher studies. With these objectives, Proyash was born about a decade ago in 2011. 


Proyash is a professionally managed not-for-profit organization, registered in Bengaluru with Registrar of societies, Govt of Karnataka. It endeavours to nurture and support the educational aspiration of needy students in schools and colleges of Tripura and Karnataka to make a meaningful impact in the life of such students.  


Proyash supporters are spread across far and wide, within the country and outside the country – the common thread is that we all have our origins in Tripura or the well-wishers of our initiatives. We are either working as professionals, entrepreneurs, students or retired from active working life. We all believe that quality education leads to a better life for an individual and eventually leads to the betterment of society. Proyash strives to foster, nourish and promote quality education to the students in Tripura. 

Over the past one decade, Proyash has provided more than 800 scholarships and sponsorships to the meritorious but financially weak students of Tripura and Karnataka to fulfil their aspirations.