Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.

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Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

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About Us

Proyash is a voluntary organization that strives to nurture and support the educational aspiration of the school students of Tripura. This organization has its roots in Tripura Mondoli Bangalore (TMB), a socio-cultural entity formed in 2004 by a group of professionals living in Bangalore and various parts of India and abroad.

Proyash consist of successful engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs etc. who were born and schooled in Tripura and currently residing all over the world. Having had good opportunity for education, Proyash members believe that quality education leads to a better future for an individual and eventually leads to the betterment of society. This initiative strives to foster, nourish and promote school education in Tripura.

Many bright students miss out on good educational opportunities due to financial shortcomings. Thus, one of Proyash’s fundamental objectives is to help meritorious but needy students to continue with their education – both financially as well as through mentorship. 

The short term objectives of Proyash are:
  • Awareness of opportunities beyond HS(+2)
  • Financial support and mentoring to meritorious students of Class IX – XII
  • Creation of educational libraries in selected schools
  • Educational loan to promising students pursuing professional courses
    The medium and long-term objectives include
    • Activities related to short term objectives to be implemented more wide spread in more schools
    • Establish a small library section in selected schools which carry information and relevant books for competitive examinations
    • Establish a Study Centre in Agartala where all the relevant information and books are available. Also, it will have space for students to do combined studies. Should have facilities like telephone, PC, internet connection etc.
    • Collect video library on teaching of various subjects such as ‘Khan Academy’ (www.khanacademy.org) preferably translated in Bengali and have them available to various schools and study centres
    • Organize campaigns involving many schools in Tripura to sensitize them about opportunities beyond school and how to grab them
    • Organize vocational courses.
    • Establish a coaching center to teach various subjects to the poor and meritorious students.


    • Dr. Jayanta Ray: 98454 72985
    • Debabrata Debnath: 99804 70207
    • Niloy Bhowmik: 97310 31603
    • Subrata Roy: 98806 56342
    • Subir Deb: 96116 33888
    • Brijesh Deb : 98863 80919 
    • Atanu Dey: 98806 20633
    • Gurupada Roy: 94484 83826


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