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  • What are the objectives of Proyash?
The main objective is help meritorious but needy students of Tripura to continue with their education – both financially as well as through mentorship. We believe that education is the best pathway to a secure future and better life.
  • How Proyash different from other charity initiatives?
First, ours is a no overhead initiative. All contributions are directly benefit the students – as scholarships, as stationary and books, through setting up of libraries in school etc. Second, we take ownership to also mentor students. Thus, the students get to talk on a monthly basis with their mentors. The mentors monitor the students’ progress, advice the students towards their studies and also act as career counselors.
  • Why Proyash is focusing on education only? Why not other areas like helping people from Agartala in medical emergencies?
We are a small organization which comprises only volunteers. The primary constraint is volunteers’ bandwidth. Also, the group’s main expertise is in education. And education is where our heart is. We feel we can make a difference in the lives of poor meritorious students by enabling them to continue with their studies.  Hence, for a start, we are concentrating on education.
  • Who are the people behind this initiative?
We are a bunch of successful engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs etc. who were born and schooled in Tripura and currently residing all over the world.
  • Is Proyash a registered organization?
Yes, Proyash is registered with Registrar of Societies, Government of Karnataka. Registration number is DRO/SJN/SOR/143/1213.
  • Does Proyash have any physical office?
No. Any such step would incur costs and prevent us from being the zero overhead setup that we are.
  • How can I get involved in this initiative?
Just mail us or talk to us. You can contribute through mentoring the students, providing career guidance, meeting the students if you visit Tripura and through donations.
  • I am not from Bangalore. Can I still get involved?
Absolutely! We have volunteers spread all over the world.
  • What are expected of people who get involved in Proyash?
Passion towards touching lives. You can donate money, time and expertise. You can be a career counselor, motivational coach and just someone who chats up the students. You’ll be amazed at how a few words of encouragement can have tremendous impact.  
  • How do I get more details about Proyash?
Mail us or talk to us. If you live in Bangalore, attend the meetings.

  • What all initiatives are currently being undertaken by Proyash?Scholarships for students from IX-XIIth grades. Stationary/Books for children in schools where we have started our project.
  • How are students selected for scholarship?The first step is identifying schools with a large pool of meritorious students from lower income group and which have an active administration. Students fill up an application and supplant that with a recommendation from the head master alongside necessary financial information. Proyash Team reviews the applications from all the schools and selects the most deserving candidates for the Scholarship.
  • How do you verify the authenticity of scholarship applications? For example economic background of the students.We require relevant documents like BPL card. However, we do depend on the corresponding school administration to help authenticate the veracity of the claim.
  • What are expected from students who are selected for scholarships?Scholarship awardees need to maintain more than 70% marks. Instead of just checking the status of the student at the end of the academic year, we also do regular monitoring.Also, the regular mentoring helps in that regard.
  • How do you provide mentorship to students?To regular monthly interactions, consolidating career options beyond 12th, and generally acting as a sounding board and motivational agent.
  • How do you track progress of students who are supported by Proyash?The primary method is regular monthly interactions. Also, we keep in touch with the designated teachers in the respective schools. These coupled with tracking progress at the year-end help us ensure that the student is in the right path.
  • How do you select schools for scholarship applications?Social networks, not necessarily in the virtual world, come to our rescue. Through our contacts, we identify schools that have a large pool of meritorious students from lower income groups. In addition to this, for our efforts to be successful, we need an active administration in the school that shares our passion.
  • I know of a student of weaker economic background who needs support for continuing his/her studies. Can Proyash support the student?In addition to scholarships, we also help connect needy students to prospective donors. If the donor is ready to sponsor the student, Proyash will act as a conduit between the two. Thus it is very important that you bring such cases to our notice.
  • Do you disburse funds to students as loan or donation?Funds are NOT disbursed to the students as loan. Funds are disbursed in cash as scholarships, and in kind as books and stationary.
  • How do you fund different initiatives of Proyash?We collect funds through donations from like-minded individuals.
  • I want to contribute fund for Proyash. What is the minimum amount expected?No amount is too small. Each scholarship amount is Rs. 6000 per year. One can decide to fund a scholarship in part or multiple scholarships.
  • I don’t want to make my contribution details public. Is that possible?Absolutely! Just let us know at the time of your contribution.
  • How do you track proper utilization of money disbursed under the scholarship?The most important person in this regard is the liaison teacher in the school. The teacher is someone we know through our social network and trust. Also, we make periodic visits to schools. Furthermore, regular monthly mentoring by our volunteers ensure that the money is spent for the right cause.
  • Would I get regular update on how my fund contributions have been used by Proyash?The status and current standing of the student is regularly updated in the website. Furthermore, if you wish, we can have you as a mentor wherein you can directly communicate with the student on a regular basis.
  • Instead of contributing money for scholarship fund, I want to support a deserving student directly. Is it possible?Yes. We also maintain a list of deserving students who need financial support. The idea is to connect these students with potential donors. You can surely contribute in that way.
  • Do I get to choose a student whom I want to support directly? For example I want to support the education of a girl child.The donor does not directly control which student gets benefited from his/her contribution. You can however choose to mentor a girl child who is a scholarship awardee.