Nurturing Growth

About us

Proyash is an initiative to nurture and support the educational aspirations of needy students of schools and colleges in Tripura and Karnataka​.

Through Proyash, we provide financial support, mentor the students, provide study materials, information, and enhance their awareness about opportunities for higher education​.

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A Few Words from one of the Founders Dr. Jayanta Ray

Proyash Statistics

Proyash Meet in Surjyamaninagar School

Our objectives

  • Making aware of opportunities beyond HS(+2) 
  • Proyash Scholarship to meritorious but needy students in schools 
  • Proyash Sponsorship to meritorious but needy students in colleges 
  • Reach out to students in rural areas of Tripura 
  • Reach out to students in Karnataka  
  • Mentoring the students 
  • Establishment of small reference library in select schools 

How Proyash is Different

Proyash is different from other similar initiatives because of its self-sustaining model.  

Through the self-sustaining model, Proyash wishes to achieve self-sufficiency to a good extent after about 10 years. The other major difference is Proyash’s engagements with the beneficiaries do not end up with providing financial support onlyProyash members mentor the beneficiaries and provide them career guidance to come up in life. The performances of each of the Proyash sponsored candidates are closely and regularly monitored by his/her mentor. The financial support is linked with the performance of the candidate and continues till he/she completes the higher education or professional course. In a way Proyash takes care of not only the educational aspects of the beneficiary but also makes him a model citizen of this country. 

Self sustaining model

Proyash Sponsorship recipients will support new set of deserving students once they complete their higher education and start earning. This beneficiary-to-benefactor cycle creates a self-sustaining model which will benefit more and more students with time. We expect that after about 15-20 years, Proyash beneficiaries will be able to support a large number of new Proyash students and the cycle will go on and on. 

Why Proyash?

  • Zero operational cost: Every rupee donated goes to the student. Complete transparency is maintained.

  • Registered Organization: Registered with the Registrar of Society, Government of Karnataka.

  • Mentorship: Facilitates the contributor to interact and mentor the student to track the progress.

  • Run by professionals: Members consists of highly accomplished Engineers, Doctors, other professionals.
  • Self Sustenance Model: Proyash beneficiaries start contributing once they start earning.

  • Supports students across Tripura: Provides supports to meritorious but needy students  in city and rural areas

Proyash at Belonia Vidyapeeth School-2012

Proyash students in Subhas Nagar School

An appeal

Proyash is for you and me. Each of us can put a little bit of our time, effort and/or resources towards this noble cause. Our little contribution could make a huge difference in their lives. Please contact us if you are interested to contribute to Proyash. 

We are constantly in the lookout for meritorious but economically backward students. If you are one of such candidates or if you know of someone who can take the benefit of Proyash scholarship or sponsorship, please Contact Us